The stimulus for the launch of the MMFA in 2012 came from the sector itself, following the need of the industry for a proper European association representing their specific interests. All existing and future multilayer products which have not yet found a home within the existing associations get the opportunity to have their interests represented under the MMFA umbrella.

The MMFA has been on an expanding course ever since. All interested parties are welcome to join the network: European flooring producers as full members, and supply companies or institutes etc. as associate and supporting members

Since the first decade of the millennium more and more flooring products were developed and introduced to the market, which were multilayer products by construction and composition and therefore were not covered by the existing categories of either laminate or elastic flooring. The final trigger were the increasing sales volumes of multilayer floorings with various surfaces such as LVT, cork, PU or PET – or a bit more objective under the standard name „multilayer semi-rigid floorcovering“.

MMF are quick to lay floatingly, with planks (modules) easily and stable to be locked together (click connections). They offer a multitude of individual design opportunities. The product structure is the decisive factor determining the performance of each MMF product.

Vast Variety:

Numerous variations allow users to select varying degrees of elasticity ranging from semi-rigid cores to fully elastic planks, and thus achieve a broad spectrum of potential applications in both the contract and private sectors. Core layers can be wood composites such as HDF or cork, but also polymer or polymer composite materials such as PFC (Perfluorcarbone), natural fibre-reinforced plastics, WPC (Wood Plastic Composite), EPC (Expanded Polymer Core) and SPC (Solid Polymer Core); but also mineral-based substrates, e.g. MPC (“Mineral Plastic Composites”).

Design & Individuality:
Multilayer modular flooring products are the trendsetter among floor coverings in residential and project flooring. The fast growing market, inspirational creativity of the European manufacturers, and the intelligent, flexible production processes allow for an abundance of design choices. MMF are quick and easy to lay, offer a multitude of constructions apt to different application needs, and are always a good value for money

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