The Association shall represent the European floor coverings industry on both a European and international level, ensuring the maintenance of high standards from social, environmental, economic, ethical, technical, and other perspectives in the broadest possible sense. It will obtain and disseminate relevant information about the floor covering industry to its members.

CISUFLO is working on new technologies and products to improve materials’ recovery and drive the flooring sector in Europe towards a circular economy.

CISUFLO’s overall goal is to minimize the environmental impact of the EU flooring sector, by setting up a systemic framework for circular and sustainable floor coverings taking into account both technical feasibility and socio-economic factors.

European Carpet and Rug Association

Based in Brussels, Belgium, ECRA was established in 2004 and represents more than 40 leading carpet producers from six European countries. Together, our members account for approximately 90% of European textile wall-to-wall carpet production and 73% of EU consumption. As an international membership association, we encourage the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience between our members and stakeholders.

European Resilient Flooring Manufacturers’ Institute

The ERFMI represents the interests of 17 manufacturers and distributors of resilient floor coverings across Europe and is the voice of the sector at the EU and national government levels. Resilient floor coverings are used in both commercial and domestic applications and can be made of Vinyl, Rubber, Linoleum, Cork, Polyurethane and Synthetic Thermoplastic Polymers. They are highly engineered to combine attractive design and colour with superior functionality. They are strong, comfortable to walk on, hygienic, easy to maintain and extremely durable.

European Producers of Laminate Floorings

The EPLF® is the international platform for the exchange of ideas and experience between producers of laminate flooring and their supply industries. The focus of the Association’s work revolves around research, development, the introduction of standards, displaying at international trade fairs and representation of interests, evaluation of statistical data and active press office and public relations work.

Multilayer Modular Flooring Association

The stimulus for the launch of the MMFA in 2012 came from the sector itself, following the need of the industry for a proper European association representing their specific interests. All existing and future multilayer products which have not yet found a home within the existing associations get the opportunity to have their interests represented under the MMFA umbrella.