Resilient floor coverings can be made from vinyl, rubber, linoleum, cork, polyurethane and other synthetic thermoplastic polymers. They are popular for use in both commercial and private areas. The floor coverings combine attractive design and colours with outstanding functionality. They are also hygienic, stable, pleasant to walk on, easy to clean and extremely durable.

What is the ERFMI?

The European Resilient Flooring Manufacturers’ Institute (ERFMI) represents the interests of 17 manufacturers and distributors of resilient floor coverings across Europe and is the voice of the sector at the EU and national government levels. Resilient floor coverings are used in both commercial and domestic applications and can be made of Vinyl, Rubber, Linoleum, Cork, Polyurethane and Synthetic Thermoplastic Polymers. They are highly engineered to combine attractive design and colour with superior functionality. They are strong, comfortable to walk on, hygienic, easy to maintain and extremely durable.

Key areas 

Representing the industry in negotiations with government departments, public bodies, trade associations, non-governmental organisations and similar bodies in the European market on matters relating to the resilient flooring industry.

Promoting the preparation of international standards, specifications and classification systems and their adoption.

Working towards a Circular Economy for resilient floor coverings by researching and developing end of life options.

Showcasing our members’ positive contribution to society by their perpetual design – lead innovation and quality leadership and sustainability programmes.